Desert Dawg's Dawg Daze 2010

This event is over. Check back in 2011 for more info on the next Dawg Daze.

Dawg Daze will be Easter Weekend, April 3 & 4 2010. We plan to arrive at camp on Friday and run trails Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We plan to leave camp for the trails at 9am. This is an informal event with no fees and is much more like a club run than an event. We typically have a camp fire after each days runs. The camping is primitive with no water, sewer, elect, just nature at her best. 

Recommended Equipment: front and rear locking differential or equivalent traction control, 33 tires are minimum 35" tires are recomended , hi lift jack, a working winch.

The Desert Dawgs began looking for new trails in Johnson Valley with the intent of putting on an event over 4 years ago. The club has been concentrating these efforts in the Fry Mountain area of Johnson Valley, which is on the west side off of Camp Rock Road. The trails we have developed are technical rock crawling canyons. They range in difficulty from a 3.5 to a 4.5 out of 5. For those that would like observe and watch we have drive arounds for most of the trails so you can go to the trail head and hike down. 

Bobcat Canyon- Rating: 3.5 A good technical trail with lots of rocks. Spotting required for much of the canyon, but lacks the significant obstacles that many of the other canyons have. This canyon is a good introduction to rock crawling and technical driving with a reduced risk of body or drivetrain damage to your vehicle. This canyon has caused slight body damage and tail light lens breakage. 

Ball Buster- Rating: 4.5 This canyon begins with a tough obstacle and has many all the way to the top. Our most technical canyon in the opinion of some. The first obstacle is a very steep and broken rock waterfall- has about a 50% success rate with a good winch point at the top. There is a go around for this obstacle. The canyon continues with several other challenges and good technical driving is required. This was a difficult canyon to break in and in the process it claimed several axles, both front and rear, u-joints, driveshafts and a ball joint on a CJ-5. 

Corkscrew Canyon- Rating 4.5 This trail starts with a very tight canyon with several sharp turns while climbing up the canyon. We have added some side canyons for 2009. Care must be taken in this canyon as damage to doors, soft and hard tops is possible. After this area the canyon continues with gaps between obstacles and one major waterfall climb. Damage has been a stock Rubicon differential, doors, rear corners, and running boards. 

Stone Canyon South- Rating 4.5 This canyon is named after one of our favorite trails in the Panamint Valley area that is now closed. These is a tight canyon with challenging obstacles from the start to the finish. This canyon requires care and diligence from bottom to top. Typical damage has been axles and minor body damage. 

Back of the Hill- Rating 4 This trail was added in 2008 and is on the backside of Stone and Bobcat Canyons, rising from a wash to the ridge route. It has obstacles in groups with sandy wash between. Areas can be very technical. 

Directions to Camp:

When visiting this area we camp in one of three areas: Anderson Dry Lake, The Cubbyhole and North Anderson Dry Lake. Directions to the general area and to each of the camping areas follow:

North on I-15 to Hesperia - Bear Valley Road, right (east) +/- 12.5 miles to Hwy 18, turn right and continue east +/- 15.5 miles (through Lucerne Valley) to Camp Rock Road, left turn (north) on Camp Rock Road +/- 3.9 miles to a y- veer to the right and continue 2.1 miles to the northeast to the end of pavement- continue another 3.9 miles or so (total of 6 miles from the y) to Anderson Dry Lake Area. Turn right and follow signs if we are camping here. Approx Coordinates are 34 33 12.05N 116 46 08.00W 

For Cubbyhole- continue past the Anderson Dry Lake turnoff 2.0 miles, around a curve and behind the hills on the right, turn into the entrance. Approx Coordinates are 34 35 05.87N 116 45 47.10W

For North Anderson Dry Lake- continue past the Anderson Dry Lake Turnoff 3.7 miles to an intersection, veer to the right on a powerline road continue for one mile and turn right. Camping should be ahead on left to mile. Approx Coordinates are 34 36 21.91N 116 43 30.36W 

Here is a map of the location of camp.


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